Pokemon Legends Arceus emulator for Android & iOS (Download APK/iPA)

Pokemon Legends Arceus emulator for Android & iOS

Pokemon Legends Arceus emulator for Android & iOS


Pokemon Legends: Arceus emulator is a software that can run Nintendo Switch games on Android OS and iOS devices (iPhone or iPad).

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is an action role-playing game, a first for the main-series of Pokémon games.

Despite this distinction and the changes that come with it, Legends: Arceus is said to preserve the core gameplay of past entries in the series.

It features an open world setting building on the Wild Area introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The game is set in a bygone era of the Sinnoh region’s history, when it was known as the Hisui region, long before the events of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl take place.

It was stated that the objective of the game would be to create Hisui’s first Pokédex.

The mythical Pokémon Arceus will play a major role in the story.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Android & iOS Download

A video game console emulator is a legal type of application that allows a mobile device to emulate a console’s hardware and play its games on the emulating platform.


Players can capture Pokémon directly in the overworld immediately without going through a battle, and can engage in battle by releasing Pokémon they have previously captured near a wild Pokémon.

Poké Balls in this era were made of wood and puffed steam when the Pokémon was caught.

At the start of the game, three starter Pokémon options are available: Rowlet (from Pokémon Sun and Moon), Cyndaquil (from Pokémon Gold and Silver), and Oshawott (from Pokémon Black and White), making it the first main series game to feature starter Pokémon from three different generations of games.

There are base camps positioned in the overworld that assist the player in many ways.

Aside from serving as places where the player and his/her Pokémon can rest, this is where players can report to Professor Laventon about their results.

The player can craft items like Poké Balls, smoke bombs and more by collecting Apricorns, Berries, and the like.

For instance, if the player collects an Apricorn and a type of stone called a Tumblestone, the player can craft a standard Poké Ball.

Pokemon Legends Arceus APK & IPA Download


  • OS
    • Android (8.0 or higher)
    • iOS (10.0 or higher)
  • Processor
    • A processor with support for 32-bit applications (either ARMv8 or x86-64).
    • iPhone 8+ (or equivalente iPad)
  • RAM
    • 4 GB minimum (6 GB recommended)
  • Graphics
    • Emulator requires a GPU to support at Pixel shader model 3.0.
    • GPUs also fall under this due to Switch triggering driver bugs causing crashes when its ROV-based rendering path is used.
Pokemon Legends Arceus emulator Android & iOS Download


  • Pre-release version (emulator)



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