Flycast emulator for Android & iOS (Download APK/IPA)

Flycast emulator for Android & iOS

Flycast emulator for Android & iOS


Flycast is a multi-platform Sega Dreamcast, Naomi, Naomi 2, and Atomiswave emulator forked from reicast, and made by flyinghead.

There is an buildbot that compiles to Android, Mac OSX, Ubuntu and Windows x64 builds; these can be used without anything related to Retroarch.

Flycast emulator for Android & iOS


Flycast emulator supports the following console:

  • SEGA Dreamcast games (CHD, CDI, GDI, CUE) including games based on Windows CE
  • SEGA NAOMI games (.zip, .7z, .dat/.lst)
  • SEGA NAOMI GD-ROM games (.zip, .7z, .dat/.lst and .chd)
  • Sammy Atomiswave games (.zip, .7z)

Doesn’t support SEGA NAOMI 2, Hikaru, or SEGA System SP games.

Flycast has support for the following things:

  • Emulating standard Dreamcast controllers, Keyboard, Mouse, Light-Gun (with your mouse), Twin Sticks, and even the ASCII Mission Stick
  • Emulating two expansion sockets per controller (VMU, Purupuru/Rumble Pack, or Microphone)
  • Widescreen (Rendering outside of screen)
  • Resolution and Texture Upscaling
  • Frame Skipping
  • Dump textures and load custom textures
  • Support for HLE BIOS (note that it’s recommended to use a real BIOS)
  • Automatically configured to be able to connect to Dreamcast Live fan servers for the games supported
  • High compatibility and high performance
  • Widescreen Game Hacks (Auto-applying codes/patches to certain games to do Widescreen instead of using the hack)

To start Flycast emulator in full-screen mode just set it in full-screen on video settings menu, and if you close the emulator, the next time it will open in full-screen.

All games are compatible with Dreamcast Live servers are supported by flycast, and the emulator is automatically configured to use Dreamcast Live servers.

Flycast emulator for Android & iOS


  • OS
    • Android (9.0 Lollipop or higher)
    • iOS (11.0 or higher)
  • Processor
    • A quad core processor with support for 64-bit applications (either ARMv8 or x86-64).
    • iPhone 8+ (or equivalente iPad)
  • RAM
    • 3 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)
  • Graphics
    • The emulator requires a GPU to support at least Adreno 640
    • GPUs also fall under this due to console triggering driver bugs causing crashes when its ROV-based rendering path is used.

There are certain situations that may be confusing to understand when using Flycast for first time, as well as some few questions that may be around your head, like how to know if you are using the right ROMs for NAOMI/Atomiswave games (if it does tell you there are missing files), how to configure controls for certain NAOMI/Atomiswave games, how to connect to the internet, if it is possible to unlock everything in certain NAOMI games, etc.

For that, you can ask all info on our contact us page at bottom of this website.

Flycast emulator for Android & iOS


  • GGPO netplay
  • UWP/Xbox support
  • New DirectX 11 renderer
  • New & improved input configuration, per-game inputs
  • Single-threaded mode
  • Lua bindings
  • VMU beep support
  • GameShark cheat codes
  • Vulkan support on macOS
  • Support for 120+ Hz monitors (Vulkan, DX9, DX11)



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