CXBX XBox emulator for Android & iOS (Download APK/IPA) Microsoft

CXBX XBox emulator for Android & iOS

CXBX XBox emulator for Android and iOS


CXBX emulator is an open source research project for emulating Xbox games on mobile devices with Android & iOS system. Code and content are covered under a BSD license.

CXBX isn’t very usable right now. If you’re not a developer you probably instead want to take a look at cxbx, a fork of emulator which makes different accuracy tradeoffs but has much better performance as-is.

XBox emulator for Android and iPhone / iPad


Xenia will never be able to connect to the real Xbox Live network. A simulated Live-like network is possible, however anything that interfaces with the official Microsoft services is not only not possible, but not something the project seeks to enable.

Pixel-perfect Accuracy

A lot of corners are cut for one reason or another: performance, lack of understanding, lack of documentation, etc. Getting something that perfectly matches the output on a real console isn’t really possible with our approach. Conversely, this allows much more freedom to provide higher-quality or faster implementations.


CXBX emulates the Xbox network controller (nvnet), and being built on top of emulator robust networking support infrastructure, provides a flexible array of advanced network configuration options

XBox emulator for Android and iOS


The CXBX project does not endorse or promote piracy. We don’t link to copyrighted files, or discuss how to acquire them. The only legal way to acquire these files is to dump them from your real, physical Xbox.


  • OS
    • Android (7.0 Lollipop or higher)
    • iOS (9.0 or higher)
  • Processor
    • A processor with support for 32-bit applications (either ARMv8 or x86-64).
    • iPhone 8+ (or equivalente iPad)
  • RAM
    • 3 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)
  • Graphics
    • GPUs without ROV (rasterizer-ordered view) / fragment shader interlock support will perform worse and possibly have more graphical issues. Integrated GPUs will also generally provide too low frame rates for comfortable playing.
    • GPUs also fall under this due to CXBX triggering driver bugs causing crashes when its ROV-based rendering path is used.

The app doesn’t require any Xbox system files.

CXBX will check for the minimum supported CPU and GPU on startup and error out if one is not detected. Make sure that you have the latest drivers installed. You cannot just remove the checks in the code and assume things will work.

XBox emulator download APK / iPA


  • Added graphics settings in the settings menu
  • Improved CPU performance on Android OS devices
  • Improved RAM management on iOS devices (both iPhone and iPad)



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