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AAAD Android Auto Pro APK MOD


Android Auto Apps Downloader (AAAD APK) is an app for Android Phones that downloads popular Android Auto 3rd party apps and installs them in the correct way to have them in Android Auto.

For the first time in 3 years, now users with non-rooted Android devices can enjoy these apps made for Android Auto, and Android Auto Apps Downloader does it all for you.

Simply select an app you want to install on your phone and the download will begin.

Once completed, install the given app with the classic Android interface and you can start enjoying the app you’ve just downloaded on Android Auto.

AAAD Pro for Android Auto Apps Download MOD


No need for a PC.

Android Auto Apps Downloader can be easily installed on any Android phone and the whole installing process is just on the phone.

No need for developer options.

There’s this common misconception that enabling “unknown sources” or “disable ANR” make those apps work. I don’t know who started this, but it’s totally irrelevant. Debug USB? No need for that either.

No need of grabbing APK and do manual installations.

Android Auto Apps Downloader will always download the latest version of the software for you.

AAAD Pro for Android Auto Apps Downloader

No root needed.

The main goal of this app is having the listed apps in Android Auto with a pain free experience and, most of all, without requiring a rooted phone.

If you are rooted, you might want to consider AA AIO TWEAKER, which has an alternative root method to patch the apps and it has a lot of other cool features!

Android Auto Apps Downloader is free and offers in app purchases.

The free version of the app allows up to 1 download every 30 days.

With the PRO version you can enjoy the full experience and download as many times as you want, forever!


Compatibility issues

Android 7.x / 8.x – Working on a fix

Oppo/Realme devices – Working on a fix

Android Auto 6.4-6.5 and Android 11+ – AAAD will not have any effect. In this case scenario you can:

  • Update to Android Auto 6.6 (SUGGESTED)
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Source code of the app is shared so that changes can be implemented by whoever wants to do so for personal use, but the software is NOT a free software, and you are not allowed to redistirbute modified versions of it, neither as a free application, niether as a commercial product.

If you are intending to do so please seek my explicit writing approval for doing so.

However you are allowed to modify the software as you wish as long as the modified version is only ever used by yourself.

PRO version of the app will be bind to one device and the PRO or FREE version (including remaining downloads) of the app will survive app uninstall.


Android Auto Apps Downloader does not grant in any way that the provided apps available for installing will actually work on Android Auto.

The installing method can fail anytime if Google applies changes to Android Auto.

Any software installed by Android Auto Apps Downloader is provided “as it is” and no support can be given by me for malfunctioning apps or malfunctioning Android Auto.



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